Privacy Policy

DBLM’s Privacy Policy is based on Australian Privacy Principle (APP) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. For you to be able to use the DBLM application we will need to collect and store some of your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from you, how we use it, and what your rights are.

1. Information you provide and how it is used

  • i. Account registration: For the purpose of setting up your account, we collect your email address, username and password. If you signup through Facebook we will also save your profile image from this account.
  • ii. Email: We use your email to verify your account setup. We may also contact you via email to notify you of information that you may wish to know such as updated features or policies. You may “unsubscribe” non-essential emails at any time.
  • iii. Profile setup: For the purpose of creating your profile, we store information that you enter for your account. You can view and edit this information under Edit Profile within the DBLM app.
  • iv. User content: For the purpose of maintaining your content, we store Event, Activity, Program, comments and message information that you post. The DBLM application allows you to publicly post content on our Services. By registering for a DBLM account, you agree that your profile information and the content you post may be viewed and used by other users and third parties we do not control. Your content may be removed if deemed inappropriate.
  • v. Networks and connections: We collect information on the types of accounts you interact with for the purpose of providing relevant and related content that you may be interested in. This includes other accounts you are connected with, hashtags, and search criteria.

2. Device information

  • i. Device sensors: Location and time information is collected to provide relevant search results.
  • ii. Device: Information relating to device type, software, and identifiers are collected to aid troubleshooting, formatting and user identification.

3. How we collect

  • i. Information is collected via your inputs and use of DBLM app and via your phone’s location services.

4. How we hold your data

5. Disclosure (sharing)

  • i. Through the DBLM app you have the ability to share information to other users of the app. You can control what information can be seen by others using the Account and Content privacy settings.
  • ii. Your individualised personal information will not be shared by us to anyone else.

6. Accessing your information

  • i. If you wish to access, correct, update, or request deletion of your personal information, you can do so at any time by emailing
  • ii. To request access to your personnel information please contact us via email at

7. How to make a complaint

  • i. If you believe that DBLM or a DBLM contractor has breached the APPs or a binding registered APP code you may make a complaint.
  • ii. All complaints must be made directly to DBLM first by contacting us at If your issue cannot be resolved you may then contact a recognised external dispute resolution scheme (if applicable), and lastly, if no satisfactory outcome can be achieved, it may be taken to the OAIC.

You can contact us at:

Date of last Revision: 20 Oct 2018

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